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13.04.2026 - 17.04.2026 | Germany, Duesseldorf

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wire Duesseldorf is the world’s leading trade fair for the wire and cable industry. As the premier international meeting point for wire manufacturers and processors, the No. 1 wire and cable event showcases the latest technology and developments in Duesseldorf every two years. Whether the most modern machines for the production of fine wire or for the lacquering of copper wires; whether wire sheathing, spooling and respooling of cables and wires or winding machines for coil production, wire presents the future of wire and cable technology. Synergies will be generated by the world’s leading international tube and pipe trade fair, Tube, to be held at the same time and in parallel with the wire trade fair.


Wire manufacturing and finishing machinery

  • Casting
  • Rolling, pressing, forming
  • Drawing
  • Surface and heat treatment
  • Wire cleaning, machining, forming and coating
  • Machinery to solve logistical problems
  • Fastener machinery (bolts, nuts, rivets, nails)
  • Spring manufacturing machinery
  • Cable and stranding machines
  • Wire product manufacturing machinery
  • Welding and electrode manufacturing machinery
  • Special machinery and equipment
  • Used, rebuilt and reconditioned machinery
  • Spare parts for wire and cable machines

Process technology tools

  • Casting
  • Extruding
  • Drawing
  • Rolling
  • Power transmission purposes (cones, rings, guide and bearing pulleys)
  • Cable manufacturing and processing
  • Spring manufacturing
  • Chipless shaping
  • Other

Auxiliary process technology materials

  • Lubricants
  • Cleaning and wetting agents
  • Dyes
  • Auxiliary hardening materials
  • Grinding and lapping materials
  • Adhesives and packaging
  • Auxiliary galvanizing materials
  • Coiling, uncoiling and rewinding spools and reels
  • Auxiliary welding materials
  • Other chemicals
  • Conductive auxiliary materials

Materials, special wires and cables

  • Raw iron and steelbased products
  • Processed iron and steelbased products
  • Non-ferrous-based
  • Speciality wires
  • Application-specific speciality wires
  • Cables
  • Plastic materials for cable sheathing and insulating
  • Yarns for cables / wire ropes
  • Shielding materials
  • Strengthening materials
  • Wire ropes
  • Insulation materials, film, strips, fibre, paper

Measuring and control technology 

  • Batching and mixing installations
  • Counters
  • Temperature measuring and control equipment
  • Torsion control equipment
  • Tension measuring equipment
  • Equipment for measuring the diameter, wall thickness, width, height and length
  • Capacity measuring systems
  • Drive and control technology
  • Process monitoring systems
  • Quality assurance systems (incl. factory data acquisition)
  • Analysers
  • Laser measuring equipment
  • Measuring systems for electric cables
  • Spark Tester

Test engineering

  • Materials
  • Wire manufacturing machines
  • Finished product testing
  • Auxiliary materials
  • Laboratory test equipment
  • Other

Specialist areas

  • Plant engineering and construction
  • Logistics
  • Safety technology
  • Environmental protection
  • Cross linking agents
  • Data technology/ production control
  • Consulting and services
  • Research and training
  • Trade literature / publishers
  • Associations

Key Statistics

Exhibitors: 1,500 from 60 countries

Trade Visitors: 60,000 from 135 countries (together with Tube)

Special Info

Cycle of event: Every two years

Link to the organizer’s website: wire Duesseldorf

Held parallel to Tube, the world’s leading international tube and pipe trade fair