How to Succeed?

Trade fair visitors, like exhibitors, need to plan ahead to maximize their attendance and make the most of the opportunities the trade fairs have to offer. By knowing what you would like to accomplish during  the fair you can take some simple preparatory steps to make full use of your trade fair participation. These preliminary measures make your attendance easier and more hassle-free, save your time and help you achieve better results at the trade fair.

For your success it is essential that the trade fair you want to visit has the right type of people and that kind of products and services you are interested in. We offer you individual advice and provide you with the detailed information about the products as well as exhibitors and visitors that come to the event. With our full range of services we help you get the best out of the exhibition and ensure that your visit to the trade fair is as successful as possible.

Here are some key ways to maximize the benefits:

Before the trade fair

  • Register online for the trade fair on the Fairpros website 2-3 months before the event – we provide you with all the documents required for your trade fair participation and visa application i.e. invitation letter, visitor ticket and/or travel health insurance – avoid stress and save money.
  • Book your flight and hotel well in advance – reservations are required also for your visa application.
  • Set clear business objectives – define what you want to achieve from the trade fair. To get the most out of trade fair attendance, it is worth setting specific targets so you can measure the success of the exhibition after the event.
  • Plan your visit – search for products, services, exhibitors, networking events and conference sessions on the website of the respective trade fair.
  • Add value to your visit by attending relevant events that are running alongside the fair – speeches by important industry figures, workshops, seminars and panel discussions can be informative and attract many of the key players in a sector.
  • Prioritize your visit – you may not be able to do everything, so plan which products or services and companies you definitively want too see and which additional events to attend.
  • Set up meetings in advance – take advantage of the appointment setting systems of the trade fair organizer or contact personally the people you want to see to make an appointment.
  • Ensure you have the mobile telephone number of the people with whom you have made appointments.
  • Do your own research before an event so you are well prepared for your meetings.
  • Print an event floorplan – note the companies you wish to visit.
  • Bring plenty of business cards and any literature you want to give out.
  • Plan to bring any employees who would greatly benefit from attending the trade fair.
  • Check regularly the latest updates for products, exhibitors etc. on the trade fair website until the beginning of the fair.

At the trade fair

  • A printed fair catalogue will be available when you arrive at the trade fair – take some time to revise your plan if necessary.
  • Focus on meeting the most useful people for your business – don’t waste too much time browsing and talking to people you already know or a company in which you are not interested in doing business.
  • Trade fairs are ideal environments for networking. Introduce yourself – everyone is wearing a badge and is there to talk business. By taking the initiative, you can promote yourself and your business and make valuable contacts. Make sure you carry your badge as well and have enough business cards to hand out.
  • Have a pen and notebook ready for notes and use business cards to jot down information on the back.
  • If possible, request literature and samples be mailed instead of having to carry them with you.
  • Arrive early for free seminars – many are offered on a first come, first served basis.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and business (casual) clothing – remember you are a representative for your business.
  • Drink lots of water – take a break after a few hours to refresh, have a snack and get some fresh air.
  • Leave the show a little earlier to avoid long lines for trains, buses and cabs.
  • Buy tickets for public transportation for the duration of the trade fair in order to avoid queueing at ticket machines at peak times – some visitor tickets include free use of public transportation, check if your fair is one of them!

After the trade fair

  • Evaluate your participation as soon as possible after the trade fair – identify if your objectives were met and if the cost of attending the trade fair has a positive long-term effect for you and your business.
  • Evaluate if you had not attended the trade fair, what would have been the cost and time to achieve the same amount of business.
  • If you planned your visit carefully, you will be confident in knowing the time you have spent at the fair was worthwhile.