In order to make your business trip as successful and enjoyable as possible, you should start your travel arrangements well in advance. First of all inform yourself at the embassy about all necessary requirements for your business travel. By starting your travel preparations early enough you can make sure that you receive all the needed travel documents on time. Only with these documents you can put your well-prepared trade fair plan into practice and get return on your investment.

Travel requirements

  • Visa (check requirements for the needed documents at the German embassy, at the moment Mauritius is the only country for whose citizens the European Community has abolished the visa requirement for visits of up to three months)
  • Passport (check your passport for the date of expiry and the requirements for its validation after return)
  • Sufficient financial means for your business trip (check minimum requirements at the German embassy)
  • Flight reservation for your planned business trip
  • Hotel reservation for the time of your stay
  • Travel health insurance with a sufficient coverage for the Schengen area and for the entire period of your stay
  • Exhibitor documents (exhibitor passes)

Take advantage of our full range of services and make your travel preparations as hassle-free as possible. By contacting us you can order the services you need. We take care that all these documents meet the requirements of the German embassy in your country.


For information about hotels please have a look at the Hotel Reservation Service HRS. Unfortunately we are not able to arrange accommodation for you.

Attention! A confirmed hotel reservation is needed for your visa application. Before booking please always check at your German embassy actual information about requirements for hotel reservations. In some countries e.g. Nigeria, no booking through a hotel booking portal is accepted.


Before packing your bag check the weather at your final destination here. Between October and March the weather can be very cold, even freezing, in Germany. In these months you are advised to take some warm clothes and footwear along, so you can enjoy the rainy, snowy and windy days during your trip too.

Useful links

The German trade fair cities have a lot to present. Explore the opportunities and experience all the great things that these cities have to offer. The useful links below help you plan and make the most of your stay in Germany.






We wish you a successful trade fair and a pleasant stay in Germany!