Fairpros organizes international delegations for companies, ministries, associations, export councils or other groups from a particular region or country to participate in a trade fair.

As the interests and goals vary a lot from one group to another we work very closely with you to develop a special program tailored to your specific needs. For us it is important that your experience delivers the value and quality you and your delegates expect.

No matter if your delegation’s goal is promoting investment or export, contacting key players of your industry, acquiring market information, finding solutions to practical, structural or logistical problems, networking with other companies, enhancing the profile of companies within your delegation or boosting the attention for your group, region or country, we provide you with our personalized, tailored assistance and recommendations. Promotional tools e.g. press conferences and press releases help us in making your delegation as visible and effective as possible.

Putting together a delegation requires careful advance planning and resources, and for this reason we kindly recommend that you contact us well in advance before the event. Fairpros team has long experience working with international delegations and is happy to help you by organizing your next delegation to one of our represented trade fairs.