Visitor services

We offer you a full range of services to make your trade fair visit as hassle-free as possible. As we want to suit our customers’ different needs we offer our services separately. In this way you can find the best and the most suitable combination for you. By registrating for a specific trade fair you can order the services you need. We take care that all the documents meet the necessary requirements of the European authorities. Because these documents are required for your visa application please order them sufficiently in advance before the event.

Invitation letter

An invitation letter is no longer required by the German embassy in order to get a visa for attending our trade fairs. It is sufficient if you present your entry ticket. In case the German embassy is not handling visa applications in your country but has outsourced the service to another foreign embassy, invitation letters are still required. Also, if you plan to enter Germany through another country, we recommend having an invitation letter throughout the journey, to present to immigration authorities on request.

The above applies if you are travelling to our fair from a country whose citizens require a visa for Germany. At the moment Mauritius is the only country for whose citizens the European Community has abolished the visa requirement for visits of up to three months.

Invitation letters will only be issued in combination with the purchase of a trade visitor ticket.

Visitor ticket

We try to keep things simple with our range of ticket deals and offer permanent tickets at a special rate. For selected trade fairs we offer besides permanent tickets also daily tickets. To the delight of our customers we are able to sell admission tickets even at a lower price than the trade fair organizers themselves. Sometimes we are in fact the only ones to provide you with a permanent ticket when the trade fair organizers offer tickets on a daily basis only. To your best advantage some trade fairs include special benefits in the tickets like free travel with public transportation on the days of ticket validity. As a rule, the trade fair ticket has to be submitted with your visa application.

Visitor tickets are valid only for the person in whose name they are issued. Holders must be prepared to present an identity document if required. As it is not possible to hand over tickets to another person, change names or cancel tickets afterwards we kindly ask you not to register until all participants have confirmed their participation.

We further want to point out, that our trade fairs are only for trade visitors from the industry.

Travel health insurance

You have to make sure that you have adequate travel health insurance for your business trip. Documentary evidence of travel health insurance with adequate coverage valid for the entire Schengen area has to be submitted also to the visa authorities when applying for a visa. If you wish, we can take care of your insurance and provide you with the travel health insurance that meets the requirements of the Schengen area.


You will receive an invoice according to your order. After receiving your payment, all documents are processed and sent by email or courier (only in case original documents are required or when ordering Deutsche Messe tickets that are available only as paper version).

For the events outside Germany the offered visitor services may vary and have to be checked individually. Should the desired services not be included in our service selection, you can register on our website anyway and we will forward your order to the responsible trade fair organizer.