01.06.2026 - 06.06.2026 | Germany, Hannover

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Originally conceived as a trade show for the fire services, INTERSCHUTZ has grown to become the world’s leading exhibition for fire prevention, disaster relief, rescue, safety and security. From the very start INTERSCHUTZ has attracted a unique mix of commercial and non-commercial exhibitors. The commercial enterprises unveil their latest innovations at the show, while the fire and rescue service professionals show the latest equipment and systems in action on the outdoor demonstration ground. INTERSCHUTZ enjoys a high international standing as a result of constantly developing its display concept in line with changing market needs and visitor expectations. Every five years INTERSCHUTZ is the destination for all those who want to see the latest products, make new business contacts and share information and expertise with fellow professionals.


Associations, organizations, service companies, schools

  • Accident claim management
  • Aid organizations
  • Claims management
  • Educational and facilities
  • Financial service
  • Fire simulations
  • Firefighter insurance companies, accident insurance associations and professional associations
  • Headquarter organization
  • Health insurance invoice
  • Horses dummy
  • Insurances
  • Organizations; other
  • Professional associations
  • Services
  • Teaching and educational materials
  • Trade associations
  • Training and further education programs
  • Transport invoice

Control-station and signalling technology

  • Cable communications technology
  • Control and monitoring systems
  • Loudspeaker and alarm systems
  • Motor vehicle electronics
  • Operation control centres
  • Radio technology

Equipment for fire stations and workshops

  • Breathing apparatus training areas
  • Breathing apparatus workshops
  • Engine rooms
  • Equipment; other
  • Filling installations for fire extinguishers
  • Hose maintenance installations
  • Sports and training facilities
  • Workshop equipment

Fire brigades fire extinguishing technology

  • Accessories for fire extinguishing gear and installations
  • Fire extinguisher, fire extinguishing systems, fire extinguishing agents
  • Fire extinguishing agents and additions
  • Fire extinguishing pumps
  • Fixed fire extinguishing installations and systems
  • Structural fire protection

Information and organization

  • Information and organization technology; other
  • Office and organization technology
  • Peripheral equipment for computers
  • Total solutions for information and communication technology
  • Universal data-processing equipment (computers)

Measuring and detection apparatus

  • Actinometer
  • Chemical detection apparatus
  • Gas measuring apparatus
  • Measuring apparatus; other
  • Temperature measuring apparatus

Personal protective equipment and identification

  • Personal protective outfit; other
  • Protective clothing
  • Radiation protection equipment
  • Respiratory apparatus
  • Washing and drying systems for clothing and accessories

Rescue, emergency, first-aid, and (para) medical equipment

  • Disinfection equipment and apparatus
  • First-aid materials
  • First-aid tents
  • Medical equipment
  • Stretchers and accessories

Structural engineering, structural and technical fire and building protection

  • Building materials and components
  • Building structures and types
  • Complete planning / architecture
  • Orientation systems and signposting
  • Technical and operational building security
  • Technical and operational fire protection

Technical literature, model making, fan and gift items

  • Club items
  • Fan and gift items
  • Model making
  • Technical literature, software

Technical support and environmental protection

  • Appliances and equipment for disaster control
  • Clearing and supporting equipment
  • Collecting containers and transport systems
  • Cutting and separating equipment
  • Environmental hazard prevention equipment
  • Equipment and tools; other
  • Generators and lighting equipment
  • Ladders
  • Lifting and pulling equipment
  • Rescue equipment
  • Transfer pumps

Vehicles and vehicle equipment

  • Ambulance vehicles
  • Disaster rescue vehicles
  • Fire brigade vehicles
  • Special vehicles
  • Vehicle equipment

Key Statistics

Exhibitors: 1,300 from 50 countries

Trade Visitors: 85,000 from 61 countries

Special Info

Cycle of event: Every five years

Link to the organizer’s website: INTERSCHUTZ