24.04.2017 - 28.04.2017 | Germany, Hannover

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HANNOVER MESSE is the world’s leading trade fair for industrial technology. The exhibitors showcase new products along the entire industrial value chain. HANNOVER MESSE highlights innovations and groundbreaking solutions in all the core sectors – i.e. industrial automation and IT, energy and environmental technology, industrial supply, production engineering and services, as well as research and development. The breadth and depth of coverage it provides is without equal anywhere in the world. The visitors are able to see the full range of solutions for the industrial challenges of the future, from individual components to fully functional smart production lines. That’s why no other industrial technology fair attracts as many decision makers from around the world.


Digital factory

  • Automation software solutions; industry-specific
  • Basic software and system-oriented software
  • Digital factory services
  • Software and solutions for specific sectors
  • Task-specific software and solutions


  • Combustion engines, stirling engines
  • Electric power systems
  • Energy production, power plant technology and renewable energies
  • Energy services
  • Gas engineering and water technology
  • Measuring and control equipment for power engineering
  • Pipeline technology and pipelines
  • Power supply, water supply and energy management
  • Processing of fuels & electrical energy generation
  • Technical building installations

Energy efficiency in industry, smart efficiency

  • Consultancy and services for energy efficiency and energy saving
  • Energy efficient control concepts and systems
  • Energy efficient drive systems
  • Energy efficient lighting
  • Energy efficient supply technology (heating, air-conditioning, ventilation, compressed air supply)
  • Energy recovery systems
  • Energy-efficient automation solutions in energy technology
  • System solutions for energy-efficient ancillary processes, smart efficiency
  • System solutions for energy-efficient production processes and production plants, smart efficiency

Global business and markets

  • Auditing and tax consulting (global business)
  • Certification and inspection organizations for international trade
  • Consultancy and support of economic cooperations
  • Economic information, databases on economic data
  • Economic promotion, establishment of industries
  • Economic services for global business; other
  • Financial services
  • Government, state and regional representations, industrial policy
  • Harbour, sea terminal
  • Industry cluster (global business)
  • Insurance, insurance management (global business)
  • International chambers of industry and commerce
  • International marketing
  • Legal advice
  • Management consultancy (international management)
  • Organizations and associations (global business)
  • Patent and industrial property rights management
  • Publishers, purchasing, B2B platforms (global business)
  • Quality assurance and certification (global business)
  • Risk management (global business)
  • Standards and standards information, standards institutes
  • Trade and export promotion
  • Translation services (global business)
  • Transport and procurement, sourcing services

Industrial automation

  • Assembly and handling
  • Automatic control engineering, control technology
  • Building automation
  • Electric motors, frequency converters and magnetic technology
  • Electrical components, contactors, switches, command and signalling relays, housings
  • Electronic components, equipment and optoelectronics for automation
  • Embedded systems
  • Factory equipment, maintenance accessories
  • Industrial communication, fieldbus systems, wireless automation
  • Industrial identification, automatic data capturing (ADC), identification systems, tracking and tracing
  • Industrial image processing
  • Industrial PCs
  • Laser technology
  • Linear technology and drive components
  • Measuring and testing technology for automation
  • Microtechnology – smart systems
  • Mobile automation
  • Process automation
  • Production engineering for electrical engineering and electronics
  • Robotics
  • Safety and security in automation
  • Sensors and actuators
  • Services for industrial automation
  • Solutions and components for medical technology and pharmaceutical industry

Industrial supply

  • Assemblies and metal structures
  • Contracting and plant engineering
  • Intelligent materials, smart materials
  • Jointing techniques
  • Lightweight construction
  • Machined metal parts
  • Maintenance and facility management services, process outsourcing
  • Metal parts formed without cutting
  • Motor vehicle components (automotive technology)
  • Non-ferrous products, NF products
  • Original formed parts (casting, sintering)
  • Outsourcing production
  • Services for industrial supply
  • Steel and ferrous materials
  • Subcontracted non-metal parts


Environmentally friendly logistics

  • Environmentally friendly production and production technologies
  • Environmentally friendly products, semi-finished products and materials
  • Environmentally-friendly industrial architecture, industrial buildings
  • Environmentally-friendly lighting, heat and refrigeration technology for the industry
  • Green technology for the industry
  • Industrial green tec services
  • Inwater solutions, underwater technologies
  • Recycling management, recycling for industry

Job and career

  • Career consultancy
  • Consultancy on company succession
  • Consultancy on start-ups
  • Education (technical and other colleges, universities)
  • eLearning services, web-based learning
  • Further education and qualification
  • Job placement
  • Offers of employment
  • Organizations and associations for education, job and career
  • Publications on job and career
  • Teaching systems and learning systems
  • Vocational counselling


  • Alternative fuels
  • Concepts for hybrid and electric vehicles/mobile machinery
  • Electricity infrastructure for mobility
  • Hybrid drive technology, electric vehicle drive systems
  • Organisations, associations for mobility, hybrid and electric drive technology
  • Production technologies for hybrid and electric drive technology
  • Services for mobility, hybrid and electric drive technology
  • Technical publications, publishing companies for mobility, hybrid and electric drive technology

Research and technology

  • Applied research; special
  • Artificial intelligence (research and technology)
  • Basic research
  • Bionics (research and technology)
  • Innovative technologies of HANNOVER MESSE
  • Life sciences (research and technology)
  • Nanotechnology
  • Optical technologies (research and technology)
  • Services for the field of research and technology

Key Statistics

Exhibitors: 5,200

Trade Visitors: 190,000

Special Info

Cycle of event: Every year

Link to the organizer’s website: HANNOVER MESSE