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23.03.2021 - 26.03.2021 | Germany, Cologne

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Food Processing | Food Packaging | Safety & Analytics | Food Ingredients | Services & Solutions

Anuga FoodTec is the leading international trade fair for food and drink technology. It is the gathering and marketing place for all the food industry’s most important companies, top decision-makers, suppliers, top-class visionaries and specialists worldwide. There is no other trade fair that fully covers the entire spectrum of the process chain. For exhibitors and visitors from all over the world, the Anuga FoodTec provides the best opportunity to present and experience the latest trends and exciting innovations, whether it be in processing, packaging or distribution. Anuga FoodTec gives the opportunity for a comprehensive exchange of information and to open up new target groups and markets.


Process technology

  • Basic food technology
  • Bakery technology
  • Noodle technology
  • Meat processing technology
  • Fish processing technology
  • Vegetable and fruit technology
  • Delicatessen and convenience food technology
  • Dairy technology
  • Ice cream technology
  • Beverage technology
  • Coffee, tea, tobacco technology
  • Aroma, essences and spice technology

Filling and packaging technology

  • Filling and sealing machines for preformed packages
  • Forming, filling and sealing machines for packages made on the machine
  • Carton-erecting, filling and sealing machines for packages or package blanks fed to the machine
  • Closing machines for unit packages (with closures or closing aids)
  • Wrapping machines for unit packages
  • Packaging machines with special equipment for the protection of the product
  • Multipack carton erecting machines
  • Machines for the assembling of multipack cartons
  • Closing machines for multipack cartons
  • Wrapping machines for multipack cartons
  • Machines for forming, dismantling and securing load units
  • Cleaning and tempering machines
  • Labelling machines
  • Decorating machines
  • Packaging material and component handling machines
  • Inspecting and checking machines
  • Sorting machines
  • Machines / equipment for printing, coding, marking and embossing packages
  • Packing materials
  • Packaging
  • Packaging aids
  • Weighing technology & systems
  • Packaging services

Packing materials, packaging, packaging aids

  • Packing materials
  • Packaging
  • Packaging aids

Automation, data processing, controlling and regulation technology

  • Automation
  • Data processing
  • Controlling and regulation technology

Food safety, quality management

  • Analytical, laboratory and messuring equipment
  • Hygiene technology

Operating materials, environmental technology, biotechnology

  • Operating materials
  • Maintanance / service
  • Waste removal, recycling, environmental protection
  • Health and safety at work, fire protection
  • Power, water, waste water
  • Biotechnology

Refrigeration and air-conditioning technology

  • Refrigeration plants
  • Ventilation, air conditioning and heating technology

Conveying, transport and storage installation, logistics

  • Internal conveying and transportation equipment
  • External transportation equipment
  • Storage facilities, silo plants, tanks
  • Transport and logistics

Ingredients, auxiliary materials

  • Ingredients
  • Auxiliary materials

Components, assemblies, surface technology, accessories

  • Components
  • Assemblies
  • Surface technology
  • Accessories

Service firms, organisations, publishers

  • Service firms
  • Organisations
  • Publishers

Key Statistics

Exhibitors: 1,657 from 48 countries

Trade Visitors: 50,000 from 152 countries

Special Info

Cycle of event: Every three years

Link to the organizer’s website: Anuga FoodTec